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The Houghton Collection x Cabana Magazine Collaboration



The Houghton Collection was initially established in 2002 to recreate some of the unique interior and garden furniture pieces found at Houghton Hall, Norfolk.  Based on eighteenth century originals, each piece is hand made on the estate using sustainably sourced wood.  The Collection continues to expand and now includes art deco furniture, homeware, hand-blocked wallpapers and the Sassoon Sunlounger, with craftsmanship and design continuing to be at the heart of the collection.

The Houghton Collection also produces a selection of garden furniture from 20th and 19th century designs unique to Houghton.

All Houghton Collection furniture uses wood certified from sustainable sources, and is made on the Houghton estate in a traditional joinery workshop under the supervision of cabinet maker, John Ives.

Houghton is currently the home of the Marquess of Cholmondeley and his wife, Rose Cholmondeley. Lord Cholmondeley is a direct descendant of Sir Robert Walpole who built the hall in the 1720s.

David Valinsky Photograph of Houghton Hall - Looking on to the front facade

Houghton Hall is one of Norfolk’s most beautiful stately homes and remains one of England’s finest Palladian houses. A collaboration between the two defining British architects of the age – Colen Campbell and James Gibbs.

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