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The Houghton Collection was founded in 2002 by Lord Cholmondeley to make available some of the unique pieces of furniture that were part of the original 18th Century decoration of Houghton Hall. These comprise dining-chairs, hall settees, side tables and drop-leaf tables. All the originals were made in mahogany (Houghton was the first house in England to use the material in large quantities); but we offer a choice of woods, depending on availability, including painted hardwood.​


The company also produces a selection of garden furniture, mostly from 18th and 19th century designs unique to Houghton, including painted hardwood seats with scroll arms, which were originally part of William Kent’s design. These can be made in plain oak or in painted hardwood. The Sassoon sunlounger is based on early twentieth century originals which are still in use at Houghton.

John Ives - Furniture Maker at Houghton Hall.  The houghton Collection furniture is entirely handmade

Cabinet maker, John Ives, in the workshop at Houghton Hall

John Ives the chief furniture maker at The Houghton Collection.  The photograph also includes Lade Rose Cholmondeley

Rose Cholmondeley with John Ives

A separate collection of art deco furniture has now been introduced which captures the spirit of the 1930s. These pieces are all copied from unattributed originals collected by the Cholmondeley family. A variety of different woods and finishes are used, with some items of oak furniture given a distinctive period look using a liming technique.

We will soon be adding a selection of hand-blocked wallpapers based on historic originals.


All wooden furniture from the Houghton Collection is certified from sustainable sources and made on the Houghton estate in a traditional joinery workshop under the supervision of cabinet maker, John Ives.

Oak forest, colorful nature autumn , fog


Since the Houghton Collection furniture was founded in 2002, sustainability has been at the heart of our business. It is our mission to create furniture that makes a positive contribution to human health and the environment. All Houghton Collection furniture has been manufactured with wood from well-managed forests and we are PEFCTM certificated.



We consider the materials we use and the way we make them; supporting a circular system through the way we manage our workshop and our waste.

The Houghton Collection furniture is certified the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). We use natural oil finishes and water based glues that have low levels of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Blocks of Wood


We focus on quality of materials and craftsmanship to offer our customers beautiful furniture that will last for generations. 

The longevity of our furniture in itself means that it is a better choice for our environment.  Our use of natural materials, like our sustainably sourced leather, ensures that all Houghton Collection furniture it is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

sc pefc logo - the mark of responsible forestry
Responsible  Wood logo - the mark of responsible forestry
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